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I’m not gonna lie, It’s been hard to find new looks to show you on the blog, I don’t know if it’s that work has been a little hard the past few months, or that I just realized that I don’t have enough clothes, but I guess that this is the hard part about being a fashion blogger: finding new ways to mix and match your clothes (besides the time it takes to shoot the photos, and picking, organizing and editing them for the post) but leaving aside all these morning complaints, I’m really happy to be blogging again, but most important, to be constant in something I’m doing (you know, that’s really hard for me) So I’m gonna stop to complaining and give myself a little credit for it. Have a great weekend!








I’M WEARING >> Dress (skirt): Rosario // Shirt: Arkitect // Heels: Adrissa // Sunglasses: Zara // Bag: Vintage // Bra: MaiPetit

Pics by Andy



Preview of Colombiamoda 2013!

Hello all! My name is Andy, ale’s photographer. This will be the first post of hopefully many to come in which I will talk a little bit about the behind the scenes of shooting with ale. I love being a part of her blog, maybe these behind the scenes posts will give you some insight as to why.
Colombiamoda is here, so that means Ale has to get ready for the week. Normally she doesn’t plan what to wear unless it’s something big, and this is the biggest fashion event in our city, so we decided to have a planning session. I convinced her to do something new with her hair, so she let me try these natural curls, which turned out a little rough but for a first try we liked the outcome.
Then she tried on a denim shirt, which was the base for one of the outfits for the fair, since one of the days is called denim day, everyone goes dressed wearing a denim garment. one shirt, three looks.Then we tried different combinations of clothes and there was one we really liked which will be the last outfit of the fair, others were cool but were;t cut out for the event, but will maybe be featured in later posts and finally I talked her through doing her make up for the fair. Ale’s usually the kind of girl that doesn’t wear any make up, but she’s trying something different, while still trying to maintain some of her natural style.
I hope you enjoyed this post and I wish you all a great rest of the week!
Be sure to check the blog for ale’s posts on Colombiamoda and to see the final outfits we chose!




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Pics and text by Andy