A new tattoo and a crazy combination

Finding images that stay stuck in my head is something daily for me, but having the courage to just try out the look it suggests is not something daily (sadly for me). But it’s the truth. So when I saw this exquisite look from the latest street style shots, I just thought, the girl in the photo is a genius! She transformed a simple coat into a beautiful, weird and exotic belt; giving it the chance to be more than just a coat and for me, that’s the beautiful thing about fashion, that you can be whatever you want to be, that you can use and create an imaginary world for yourself, because rules are definitely not for fashion!

And in others news (Lol) I have a new tattoo, my number 2, I know you’re asking, where’s number 1? Well, it’s on the palm of my hand on my ring finger, a little heart, that means so much to me, but I’m not gonna talk about it (a little too personal). For the first time, I have a tattoo that I haven’t yet discovered what it means to me. It’s an anchor, specifically, a Danforth anchor, I don’t know, I guess that time will tell me what it means for my life. Have a great week!









I’M WEARING >> Dress: A gift from my photographer // Jacket: WareHouse // Shirt like belt: Arturo Calle // Flats: Zara

Pics by Andy