Loving a band with such a different sound it’s like a lottery, because you never know how it’s gonna sound the next album, it’s always like a love or hate album. But for this time, I feel the pleasure of been deeply in love with the new song of tame impala, so psychedelic and catchy. What do you think?



I know, this section is call “Friday song” and this is not even a song, but believe me, it doesn’t need, it’s that kind of flawless for my ears, that I feel in heaven with an Amy Winehouse mixed with Macy Gray, but with a new fresh air and style and an amazing range, It’s heaven! So please Mia Z, won this season! You have everything to be the next big star!


I can tell you that my music style, isn’t really a “style” because I don’t have a specific one. I can listen to music from Chopin and No Clear Mind to Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. It’s weird, I know, but It’s what sounds beautiful to me. Hope you like this cover from Jojo, I’ve been so obsessed with it.


For me, songs are like diamonds, so valuable and beautiful and personal, that I just want to enjoy them and feel that they’re mine; so when a friend showed me this song, I felt like I found a treasure, and for the first time, I’m sharing it. Hope you like it! And have a great weekend!!


Friday song

Friday song with Tame Impala

This is the first post for “friday song”, a new section in the blog. Every friday I’m gonna show my favorites artists, songs and videos. All of this, with some inspiration pictures that give the “feeling” of each song.

And I begin with this amazing, incredible song from Tame Impala, my latest discovery. What do u think?


Tame Impala is a group from Perth, Australia. Their name refers to the impala, a medium sized antelope.

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The band came to prominence in 2010 with the release of their debut album Innerspeaker.


You can find his music in soundcloud

Pics from my Pinterest