Friday song

It’s Dillon

I have to confess that when I find a new artist or song, It’s like I can touch the heaven, I’m not exaggerating! I never gonna forget when I find Maroon 5, Lykke li, Stereophonics, Tame Impala and this; Dillon. She is a Brazilian raised in Germany, compared with the only Lykke li. I really hope you like it! So I leave you with “Thirteen thirtyfive” and an short byo about her. You can see her official page here


“Berlin’s electro scene is a little brighter with singer Dillon around, and as much as we know we should hate her for being so cool, we love her. First name Dominique, the 23 year old was born in Brazil and moved to Germany at the age of five, where she started making music in 2008. Dillon’s sound is like Lykke Li, but darker – more industrial – and her album This Silence Kills is amazing. But that style: a combination of pretty and surreal, a face dotted with sequins on her album cover signaling a kind of cynical playfulness that you can hear loud and clear in her music, and that Patti Smith-ness that you can’t…we love it.”

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