My love for Maroon 5 has been a beautiful love/obsession since 2005, 10 years, and they have been a big part of my “musical life”, not just because I had a song stuck, literally S T U C K in my head for one entire year (harder to breathe), but also because I had the good fortune of seeing them live in 2012, and they were AMAZING!
So, when people ask me, what’s your favorite band? Easy, Maroon 5. And what’s your favorite song from them? Oh, I LOVE like 10 of their songs, but I’m obsessed with 7 and I’m deeply in love with 3, so answering that little question has been quite difficult. So for the last 6 months (I’m not exaggerating) I’ve been thinking, what’s your favorite Maroon5 song? Secret, Tangled or Runaway? And I can now affirm, that I’ve been seduced by the sexy and provocative lyrics and sound of Secret. That spicy voice and those lyrics have all my attention for the next few months! I hope you like it!



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