Mixing everything with everything

Having friends that love hair and make up is like the best help that I could ever have, because you know, I’m more like the girl who likes to dress well but really doesn’t know anything about make up and about hair I’m really blessed to have a hair that wakes up beautiful 6 days out of week (sunday is not really my thing, you know) so, when Lu (a friend from university) told me that she knew how to make curls that stay on all day long, yeah, ALL day long, I was like “Right girl, that’s never happened in 22 years” but of course, every rule has its exception, and finally, after 22 years I can tell you that a product exists that makes my dream hair stay up for ALL day hong, It’s called Tousle me softlyand by herbal essences I can assure you that If works for my super straight hair, it can help almost every type of hair. And what about you? Do you also have a dream hairstyle?









With Andy, my photographer and one of my best friends :p


I’m wearing >> Skirt (dress): Forever 21 // T-shirt: Ripley // Coat: Forever 21 // Shoes: Bosi // Sunglasses:Zara

Hair by Lu

Pics by Andy



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