Loving my boy’s t-shirt

I remember when I discovered blogs for the first time, It was 4 years ago, my eyes were like fascinated, really, Im not exaggerating. The first one I discovered was Lookbook.nu, you probably know it, it’s a social media platform for bloggers and people who love to share their outfits and looks. And then I found this incredible inspiration, her name is Andy Torres (stylescrapbook), and everyone that knows me, knows that she is my favorite blogger and one of my strongest fashion icons.

Thanks to her, I think that Im braver now with fashion that I ever was, you know, like mixing crop tops with fancy dresses, or using 3 different prints in just one outfit. But the bravest thing that I loved and “imitated” from her is: Boy Clothes or Clothes for men. I’d never thought about it, I was like, a woman wearing men’s clothes? Women wear girl’s clothes. But It doesn’t have to be like that, you can shop or buy wathever you want, right? So why not buy a boy’s t-shirt, men’s pants or even men’s shoes? It’s actually one of the best things that you can do, because their clothes are extremely comfortable, timeless and basic, but at the same time, they’re different. I might sound crazy, but every time that I want to buy a t’shirt I look in the boy’s section first. Hope you like it!




T-shirt: Bershka (boy section) // BlueJean: Barbados // Heels: Zara // Bag: Vintage // Sunglasses: Linda Farrow with House of Holland

Pics by Andy



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