Day two

In these three days of Colombiamoda, I can say that the majority of my time was spent looking at people walk back and forth through the fair, some in a hurry, and others just simply enjoying the event and the excellent, although extremely so, sunny climate.

I have to confess that I’m not a faithful follower of “typical” street style, in which you stop, pose and have your picture taken, no, I am more of a “moments” person, if you can call it that, because for me, walking naturally, without knowing you’re having your picture taken, is the maximum expression of street style. And that was exactly what I did, that being said, as always there’s an exception, two important bloggers from Bogota are featured, Laura from “Pesada de moda” And Tatiana from “Iconastyle“.

I hope to read you comments!


En estos tres dias de Colombiamoda, puedo decir que la mayoria del tiempo, me dedique a ver pasar la gente de un lado a otro, algunos apurados y otros simplemente, disfrutando de la feria y del excelente, aunque extremadamente, soleado clima.

Debo confesar que no soy una fiel del “tipico” street style, en donde paras, posas y te toman la foto, no, soy una persona más de “momentos”, si se puede llamar asi, porque para mi, el ir caminando naturalmente, sin saber que te estan tomando una foto, es el street style en su maxima expresión. Y eso fue exactamente lo que hice, eso si, como en todo hay una excepción, estan dos importantes bloggers de Bogotá: laura, la pesada de moda y Tatiana de Iconastyle.

Espero sus comentarios!

IMG_5995 IMG_6317 IMG_6712 IMG_5855 IMG_5868 IMG_5894 IMG_5899 IMG_5826 IMG_5835 IMG_5836 IMG_5845 IMG_5626 IMG_5777 IMG_5778 IMG_5802IMG_6326

Pics by me



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