The last month, I was visiting with my mom, a really close friend. His hometown is called Armenia, a really small but beautiful city. Known for making the best coffee in Colombia, and for his “theme parks” like Panaca and Parque del Cafe, who specialize in the whole process of the field.What do you think?

2013-01-24 10.28.11 copy 2013-01-24 11.00.58 copy 2013-01-24 11.20.14 copy 2013-01-24 16.45.32 copy 2013-01-25 15.36.57 copy 2013-01-25 15.38.06 copy 2013-01-25 16.09.50 copy 2013-01-25 16.11.46 copy 2013-01-25 16.12.18 copy 2013-01-25 16.13.38 copy IMG_0130 copy

First look:
Pants: Naf naf // Shirt: Zara // Shoes: Converse // Sunglasses: Fake Rayban (seriously)
Second look:
Jeans: Chevignon // Shirt: From time square street // Shoes: Fantini
Pics by Danny and me.

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